Would you like the best possible candidates for your jobs?

Then tell them about all the things your company has to offer

Is your company part of the race for the best candidates?

The economy is doing well. That means that good employees are in high demand. This unfortunately means that fewer and fewer candidates are available when it is time for recruiting. A good career site can help you in the battle for the best and most committed employees.

How to get better candidates:

  • Get a dedicated website for job seekers – a career site.
  • Use your career site to tell about employee benefits in your company.
  • Easy access to targeted advertising on job boards, social media and other platforms.

Tell the candidatesabout your company on a career site

A career site tells the story about your company as a workplace – both about employee benefits and job satisfaction. Texts, pictures and videos on the site give a good impression of your work culture. If candidates can imagine how a future with your company looks, there’s a greater chance that they will apply.


See how others sell their workplace

Companies can be very different, and your career site must of course show what is special about yours. Click the logos below to get inspiration from companies that already use a career site from Brandero to attract new colleagues.

See Career site
See Career site
See Career site

Other Brandero customers

It’s easy to get started

  1. Create a career site
    It’s super easy to set up online – you don’t need help from your IT department.

  2. Tell about your company
    Upload your company logo, pictures and add a few texts describing your company. You are guided all the way.

  3. Be ready for your next recruitment
    Recruiting has never been easier. You have now done all the ground work and have easy and quick access to targeted advertising attracting more and better candidates.

Lots of support for your career site:

Works on mobile, tablet and computer
Optimised for search engines like Google
Easy and simple to apply

Få flere ansøger med et ansøgersite

How much does a career site cost?

Setting up the career site costs EUR 268,- and you will then have an appealing career site that presents your company and helps attract good candidates – all year round. After that, you pay only EUR 69,- each time you upload a job to your career site. So the price follows the number of your recruitments – we call it ‘Pay as you Go’. That means no fixed license or subscription fee. We think that’s most fair.

Setting up a career site
Per posted job on career site

Attract candidates to your career site with targeted advertising

Hirering people is time consuming. With Brandero you can advertise your jobs in one single go and save valuable time*. Our advertising products not only reach those who are actively looking for jobs on traditional job boards, we also reach those who are already employed but might be tempted when the right opportunity comes. A good career site generates positive attention and can effectively incite candidates to apply to your jobs.
*Only available in some countries

Reach the best candidates

  • Social media – Facebook + LinkedIn
  • Job boards
  • Search engines like Google

What should you tell and show the candidates?

It might be challenging to explain what makes your workplace attractive and as well to evaluate which images show it in the best way. That’s why we’ve made a couple of guides to help you both to cover all the things that the best candidates are looking for and to get the rigth angle to the image.




Get inspiration for the hunt for the best candidates

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