Terms and Conditions of Sale
– for the Customer on Brandero

All business transactions on Brandero.com are subject to the Terms and Conditions of Sale set out below. Further, we refer to Terms and Conditions for using Brandero.com.

General information

The Brandero.com website and the product Brandero are owned and operated by:
MatchWork World Wide A/S (hereinafter referred to as “MatchWork”), Gladsaxe Møllevej 28, DK-2860 Søborg, email support@brandero.com, phone +45 36 95 95 95, Business Reg. (VAT) no 19429903.

MatchWork has since 1996 operated Internet-based services and developed SaaS solutions, mainly focused on the business segment of job portal solutions.

MatchWork is 100% owned by the listed media group North Media A/S, Gladsaxe Møllevej 28, DK-2860 Søborg, Business Reg. (VAT) no 66 59 01 19, phone +45 39 57 75 00, email investor@northmedia.dk. Please refer to www.northmedia.dk for further information on the other business segments of the group.

Terms of agreement regarding Brandero career site

MatchWork grants the Customer access to a SaaS career site on the following terms and conditions:

  • The Customer’s career site is based on Brandero’s standard product.
  • Setting up the career site cost EUR 268,- and there are no ongoing costs/licence fees for use of Brandero. However, it is possible that in future new features to Brandero are offered at additional charges.
  • A fixed fee is to be paid (current net price EUR 69,- exclusive of VAT) for each job which is uploaded to the Customer's career site.
  • If the Customer has an Advertising Agreement with Ofir A/S, then the agreed discount rate will be applicable and payment will be settled directly with Ofir A/S.

The coming into force of an agreement

The Customer’s agreement with MatchWork will take effect when the Customer has registered on Brandero.com or subsites or by the provided confirming mail.

Terms and termination of the agreement

The Customer may terminate the agreement with one day’s written notice of termination at any time. Such notice must be emailed to MatchWork: support@brandero.com. Upon termination of the agreement, the Customer's career site will be closed immediately and the Customer will not have any access to content on the career site.

MatchWork cannot terminate the agreement to an earlier date than the Customer has paid for a service unless the Customer is in breach of the agreement.

If the terms and conditions of the agreement have been violated by either of the parties, the agreement can be terminated without notice. If the Customer is in breach of the agreement, any outstanding fees must be paid immediately. If the Customer abuses the Brandero product, this is considered to be a breach of contract.

About Brandero

The Customer is granted access to the Brandero standard software, which includes the right to individualization to some extent i.e. colorisation, typology, layout, text, image and video individualization. MatchWork is not required to implement changes that affect the standard software, including the operation of Brandero and has the right to reject any individualization requested by the Customer.

MatchWork has the right to place its company logo and/or product logo appropriately (of MatchWorks’s choice) on the Customer's Career site.

Implementation & Support

Both parties endeavor to implement the Customer's career site as soon as possible after the agreement has been concluded.

The Customer has access to online support at Brandero Support, which can be accessed via the footer at Brandero.com.

MatchWork’s rights

Brandero is made available as it is without any guarantees. To the extent permitted by law, MatchWork hereby disclaims all warranties, whether expressed or implied, including suitability for a particular purpose, and guarantee that there are no violations of rights.

MatchWork owns the right to retain all information and has ownership of all data (including, for example, applicant / candidate data) collected via Brandero. An implication of this is that MatchWork reserves the right to store all information. Upon application of a job through the Customer's career site applicants give consent to the storage of information as well as to e-mail service from MatchWork. Hereby MatchWork is authorized to contact users of the Customer's career site with relevant offers including offers from other employers.

MatchWork owns all copyrights, material and intellectual property rights to Brandero, and can continually adapt and modify the product at its discretion.

MatchWork is fully entitled to use subcontractors for all or part of the product.

MatchWork, its subcontractors or third-parties mentioned on Brandero.com shall under no circumstances be liable for damages of any kind (including incidental damages and consequential damages, loss of revenue or loss due to lost data or other indirect losses) due to the use of or missing opportunity to use the product.

All job ads on the Brandero career site will be displayed in accordance with the ‘General Terms’ at the Customer’s career site.

MatchWork can at any time reject content on the Customer's career site, if it violates applicable law or contains content e.g. text or images of offensive nature. It is the Customer's duty to ensure compliance with the legislation. In addition to the above MatchWork reserves the right to decide sovereignly when content is offensive and to completely close the Customer's career site, if the Customer does not change the content within one business day upon request from MatchWork.

MatchWork’s liability

In all situations and regardless of the cause of the complaint, any liability in damages for direct or indirect loss cannot exceed an amount corresponding to the invoice amount for the product or service in question.

For selected countries, Brandero will offer the possibility of distributing job advertisements to external (third-party) media including job portals. MatchWork accepts the responsibility for establishing contact to these (third-party) medias, but disclaims any responsibility for the receipt of data by these external (third-party) media as well as the publishing of job advertisements.

Force Majeure

Neither party is obliged to fulfill its obligations in accordance with the agreement if and as long as the fulfillment of these obligations is prevented by events beyond the control of that party which the party could not reasonably have predicted or could not have avoided or overcome (according to the Danish law definition of force majeure).

A party affected by force majeure shall inform the other party without undue delay. The force majeure-hit party has 30 days to restore fulfillment of its obligations.


All prices are stated in Euro, and they are subject to VAT and any future direct or indirect taxes as determined by Danish law.

MatchWork reserves the right to change the prices continuously without notice.

Terms of payment/invoicing

The general terms of payment are net cash two weeks from the date of invoice. In the event of delay in payment by due date, interest at the rate of 1.5% will be charged for every month or part thereof until payment has taken place.

For external (third-party) media, invoicing takes place directly between the Customer and the external third-party. MatchWork is neither responsible for the invoicing nor the delivery of the product purchased by the Customer at an external third-party.

Payment online

MatchWork has exclusive right to decide the method of payment from the Customer.

For example if online payment is applied a secure connection is in place for online money transmission on Brandero.com. This means that the information is encrypted, which is most often reflected by a closed lock icon in the task bar of the web browser. The sub-supplier’s payment system complies with very strict security requirements. In the payment module, the customer enters charge card information, including card number, name of cardholder, expiry date and card security code (CVV). It is possible to cancel the payment until it has been effected.


Any complaints by the Customers must be submitted not later than five business days after the delivery of the URL for the Customer’s career sites. Complaints must be emailed to MatchWork: support@brandero.com.

Governing law and jurisdiction

Any dispute arising from or in connection with agreements between the Customer and MatchWork, including disputes concerning the existence or validity of agreements, will be settled by arbitration in accordance with the rules of the Danish Institute of Arbitration (Voldgiftsinstituttet) in force from time to time.


These Terms and Conditions of Sale were updated on 1st. of June 2018 and supersede any previous Terms and Conditions of Sale. These Terms and Conditions of Sale will remain in force until the release of new Terms and Conditions of Sale.