The Importance of Having a Career Site

The growth in the job market and a rising demand for talented candidates have shifted the power into the hands of job seekers around the globe. Danmarks Statistik recorded that a total of 2,728,800 people are currently employed in Denmark, which is the highest number of employees that has ever been recorded. From December 2017 to January 2018, the number of employees have increased by 7,200.
As a result, skilled people who are looking for new opportunities are not just willing to work anywhere. Since they now have more career choices, they can afford to be “picky” when it comes to choosing the company they want to work for.

Our Way of Communicating Has Changed

The development in technology has fundamentally changed the way we search and find information about products, movies and restaurants. Finding more information regarding a certain job and employer is not an exception.
Traditional word of mouth communication is now happening online. Job seekers can easily conduct their own research by simply “googling” a company of their interest. It is also possible to look into the online profiles of a company’s previous and current employees and send them an “InMail” to get an overall idea about the company’s employer reputation as well as their organizational culture before finally applying.
So, where does this research process takes place?

Research patterns and preferences of candidates have change

According to the Talent Board 2017 Candidate Experience Research, career sites prove to be the most valuable channel for candidates when researching companies. Yet, strangely there has been a steady decline in organizations finding value in having a career site. In 2017, career sites have once again scored more than popular job sites like LinkedIn, Google and Yahoo. 58% of the candidates from the survey found company career sites to be the most valuable resource to use when looking into a company.
Furthermore, Bersin by Deloitte’s 2015 Talent Acquisition Factbook revealed that career sites drove more hires than any other source, which was not the case back in 2011 where referrals and job boards were the top sources of hire.

Employers Need to Act Like Marketers

Today’s job seekers prefer to find new opportunities themselves and since there is a vast array of job opportunities in the market today, job seekers behave like consumers shopping among many products. When people have more career choices, the number of skilled employees will decrease, making the competition between employers tougher. This means that if your company wants to attract the best, you have to compete for the talented candidates and offer them value.
In order to stand out from other companies who are searching for the same candidates, employers need to engage their target market. They need to start treating job seekers as consumers and imagine selling them a product, which in this case is a job at their company.
Your career site is your most important recruiting channel! This is why it is absolutely necessary to build, revamp and modernize your company’s career site as it is the first impression that your company make. As an employer/marketer you need to appeal to job seekers/consumers and show that you care about the success of their careers. Build a solid case through your career site as to why they should choose your company over others and show a workplace where they can fit in.